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MISIRI MSR706 HiCo 3 Track Magnetic Card Reader Writer Enhanced RW605 RW606 MSR705

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Compatible with RW605  RW606  MSR607   MSR705
Full-version reading writing software
Read/Write/Erase 3 Tracks (Track 1, 2 & 3), High & Low Coercivity (300~4000 Oe)
With 20 blank white cards, power adapter, software disc
Works on Windows xp, 7, 8, 10, and Mac

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Product Description

Model: MSR706

MSR706 is an advanced magnetic card device developed by Misiri Inc. It can edit, read and write any magnetic card on the market. It supports Windows and Mac. The software has been upgraded to V4.01. The firmware has been upgraded to V3.12. You only need to install the Misiri APP(No need to install extra usb driver).

Time to market: May 10, 2015

* Compatible with RW605  RW606 completely.
* Enhanced reliability and durability
* Enhanced speed of read and write
* Highest success rate of reading and writing card in the market

It is ideal for access control, time keeping, banking, ID recognition, credit verification and related applications. In fact, wherever a magnetic stripe ID or transaction card is used, one can find a related use for the versatile, user-friendly MSR706 reader/writer.
The MSR706 is designed to offer a reading and writing solution of high and/or low coercivity cards that will attractively complement an existing system.
The MSR706 series is designed to read and/or write high or low coercivity magnetic cards. It can encode and verify up to 3 tracks of data simultaneously.
It communicates with a host computer or other terminal using a usb interface.

1). 1X Magnetic Card Reader/Writer, MSR706
2). 1X Software CD
3). 1X Power adaptor: AC 100~240V in / DC 12V, 2A out.
4). 1X Clearning Card
5). 20 Free Blank HiCo Magnetic Card
6). Quick Start Guide

Additional Information

Weight 2.6 lbs
Dimensions 39 x 16 x 9 cm
Blank Card Quantity



Black, White



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